Color Styles Editor

Fancy or simple? Label customization has never been that easy.

Color Styles

LTO Barcode Label Generator offers a great set of default color styles that you can use in any edition. These styles are used to colorize your labels (e.g. the text, background, barcode, etc.) and to improve readability.
But LTO Barcode Label Generator also offers an easy way to create or customize your own style – the Color Styles Editor. This great tool helps changing any color in your labels. Once created, you can always re-use your styles.

How much is it?

Color Styles Editor is included in the Professional and Enterprise editions of LTO Barcode Label Generator.

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Need more?

Customize label borders or even label templates.


In case you don’t trust LTO Barcode Label Generator, you can find some example pdf files exported from LTO Barcode Label Generator below. And in case you don’t trust those pdf files as well, feel free to download the freely available trial of LTO Barcode Label Generator.

Random Tape Labels Example

Please click the pdf icon to download an example document exported from LTO Barcode Label Generator.